Old Plastic Pallet Price List Only 90K

Pallets Old plastic is a used product that is liquidated and used in the storage and preservation industry goods, but whether many consumers today really understand the function of plastic pallets. As well as wondering how to buy new plastic pallets or buy old plastic pallets to save costs. Today, HCM Plastic Pallets will assist in providing some information to customers and businesses to make an informed choice when buying old plastic pallets new.

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Old Market Plastic Pallet Price List

Below is the price list of used plastic pallets that have been liquidated HCM Plastic Pallets survey and summarize. The price list is for reference only and may differ from the actual one. To receive the fastest and most accurate old pallet quote, everyone can click PalletNhuaHCM.vnGiaPalletNhua.comPalletNhuaCuGiaRe.com or call our call center 0789288277 (24/24)

Dimensions of old plastic pallets

Used pallets liquidation

Black plastic pallet price

Recycled plastic pallets

Price of virgin plastic pallets

Blue HDPE plastic

Old plastic pallet 600x600x100mm VND 90,000 VND 120,000
Old plastic pallet 1000x600x100mm VND 120,000 180,000 VND
Old plastic pallet 740x740x130mm  150,000 VND 200,000 VND
Old plastic pallet 1000x600x78mm 150,000 VND 180,000 VND
Old plastic pallet 1000x1000x120mm 170,000 VND VND 220,000
Old plastic pallet 1000x1000x78mm VND 335,000 VND 450,000
Old plastic pallet 1000x1000x130mm VND 315,000 400,000 VND
Old plastic pallet 1050x1050x140mm VND 260,000 350,000 VND
Old plastic pallet 1100x1100x110mm 2 sides 250,000 VND 350,000 VND
Old plastic pallet 1100x1100x120mm 180,000 VND VND 280,000
Old plastic pallet 1100x1100x120mm 2 sides VND 260,000 VND 370,000
Old plastic pallet 1100x1100x125mm VND 240,000 305,000 VND
Old plastic pallet 1100x1100x138mm 410,000 VND VND 520,000
Old plastic pallet with humpback legs 1100x1100x140mm 210,000 VND VND 290,000
Old plastic pallet with stone face 1100x1100x140mm 420,000 VND VND 550,000
Old plastic pallet 1100x1100x150mm VND 280,000 VND 360,000
Old plastic pallet 1200x1200x120mm VND 260,000 350,000 VND
Old plastic pallet 1200x800x150mm VND 290,000 VND 370,000
Old plastic pallet 1200x1000x132mm 380,000 VND VND 550,000
Old plastic pallet 1200x1000x150mm 300,000 VND VND 390,000
Old plastic pallet 1200x1100x120mm 210,000 VND VND 320,000
Old plastic pallet 1300x1100x120mm 200,000 VND VND 320,000
Old plastic pallet 1300x1100x130mm 250,000 VND 380,000 VND
Old plastic pallet 1300x1100x150mm VND 370,000 580,000 VND
Old plastic pallet 1400x1100x100mm 2 sides 310,000 VND VND 430,000

Latest Cheap Old Plastic Pallet Quotes

Below is a price list of old plastic pallets with actual product images as well as specifications and preferential policies. Quotes of old plastic pallets are arranged according to the size of the plastic pallet from small to large and according to the structure and use of the pallet.

Cheap old plastic pallets

Used plastic pallet pricing factors

The price of plastic pallets or new plastic pallets depends on many factors such as origin, material, color, and load. But with a high price, you can find new plastic pallets in plastic manufacturing and trading establishments.

The price of old plastic pallets is very cheap, the price is lower than the new plastic pallet about 30-40%, but it still has the same use value, just like the new plastic pallet, the old plastic pallet price, the used plastic pallet price is also affected. effect, depends on many factors.

So how much does the old plastic pallet cost? In order to get the most accurate quotation of old plastic pallets, we need to find and contact dealers to buy old plastic pallets, sell old plastic pallets for the most accurate price. Here are some factors that determine the price of old plastic pallets so that we can determine the most accurate old plastic pallet quote.


Plastic pallets, old plastic pallets mainly have 2 forms of origin:

Plastic pallets made in Vietnam

Domestic old plastic pallets are mainly of origin such as: Long Thanh Plastic Pallet, Dai Dong Tien Plastic Pallet, Hiep Thanh Plastic Pallet, Saigon Plastic Pallet, etc. These plastic pallet products have good durability and usability. Long-term use, the price of plastic pallets is also relatively high because of many factors.

  • There are also some other forms of domestic production, such as old plastic pallets mixed by a number of establishments with many types of waste plastic, which have been processed and recycled, strangely pressed, or old plastic pallets that are broken, cracked, etc. plastic melting facility to repair. Note that these types of plastic pallets are often of poor quality and should not be purchased using these plastic pallets with very short use value.

Plastic pallets of foreign origin

  • Plastic pallets originating from abroad are mainly imported, such as: Thai plastic pallets, Malaysian plastic pallets, Indonesian plastic pallets, Chinese plastic pallets, Korean plastic pallets or Japanese plastic pallets are of the best quality.

  • Plastic pallets originating from Korea or Japan are always trusted and appreciated because the quality of plastic pallets is manufactured according to standards from plastic molds, plastic components, plastic pallet structure, often has a heavy weight, can withstand High load capacity, the price is also relatively cheap.

Materials to make pallets

  • Plastic pallet material determines the durability of plastic pallets or old plastic pallets.
  • Old plastic pallets have primary plastic components, it is an obvious fact that it will be safe for the environment during use, good for health, primary plastic pallets have fresh colors, and plastic pallets will have high quality. Flexible, withstands heavy loads, does not break. Currently, Long Thanh Plastic is a unit specializing in distributing primary plastic pallets. Foreigners have a number of units with factories in China.

  • In stark contrast to primary plastic pallets, recycled plastic pallets will bear a low load, plastic material if processed and recycled many times will seriously affect the health of users as well as old plastic pallets will suffer. very poor load.

Plastic pallet size

Depending on the area of the warehouse, the type of goods you want to store, you will choose the most suitable size plastic pallet. People also note, some types of old plastic pallets with dimensions only imported from abroad, the quantity will also be very limited.

Commonly used old plastic pallet sizes (Long - High - Width):

  • Old plastic pallet size 600x600x100mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1000x600x35mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1000x600x78mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1000x600x100mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 740x740x130mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 770x770x140mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 900x900x140mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1000x1000x120mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1000x1000x85mm flat surface
  • Old plastic pallet size 1000x1000x130mm flat surface
  • Old plastic pallet size 1000x1000x150mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1050x1050x120mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1050x1050x140mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1100x920x120mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1100x900x140mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1100x1100x120mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1100x1100x125mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1100x1100x130mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1100x1100x140mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1100x1100x150mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1200x1000x120mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1200x1000x125mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1200x1000x140mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1200x1000x150mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1200x1000x160mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1200x1000x170mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1200x1100x120mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1200x1100x150mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1200x800x150mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1200x800x180mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1300x1100x120mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1300x1100x130mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1300x1100x150mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1400x1100x100mm
  • Old plastic pallet size 1480x1130x122mm

Old plastic pallets also have 1-sided, 2-sided, 3-legged plastic pallets, flat plastic pallets, closed faces, halves, checkered nets, .. depending on the type of millet, warehouse area, for advice on buying pallets The best old plastic is the most accurate, you need to contact a reputable old plastic pallet dealer, the best price of old plastic pallet.


With plastic pallets, old plastic pallets with a monolithic molded plastic content weighing 15-20kg will of course have a high price. Because it can withstand shipments up to 4000kg.

Conversely, if you store light goods, use old plastic pallets with a weight of 6-7kg, the price of old plastic pallets is very cheap.

Time to buy old plastic pallets

This element sounds very strange, right? But the truth is it is one of the factors that greatly affect the price of old plastic pallets.

The time you buy old plastic pallets, if in the rainy season, the high demand will easily lead to the price of old plastic pallets going up.

The time when exports are high will lead to a low supply of old plastic pallets, which also leads to high prices.

If you choose to buy old plastic pallets of rare size at the time of purchase, it will also lead to you having to lose money when buying old plastic pallets of that type.

Where to sell old plastic pallets for sale at cheap prices

You should choose to buy plastic pallets, old plastic pallets in places near you to save on shipping costs, because plastic pallets are products of large size and weight that cannot be transported and circulated by motorbikes. round the city. So sometimes bearing the shipping fee is an issue you also need to pay attention to first.

Above are the 5 elements that make up the price of plastic pallets, old plastic pallets, you should look for Cheap Old Plastic Pallet Dealer prestige, quality, highly appreciated for advice on buying and selling old plastic pallets, the best, most effective to avoid wasting money and time for nothing.

Currently, buying and selling cheap new and old plastic pallets is no longer too difficult, here is some information to get a plastic pallet quote with detailed pictures or you can go to the place to see plastic pallets.

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With the 4.0 technology era and approaching 5.0, if you own a smartphone, it's not too difficult to find a place specializing in selling old plastic pallets. Even in some big cities like Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, it is not too difficult to deliver plastic pallets and old plastic pallets to you far away.

You can easily find places to sell plastic pallets, old plastic pallets in Ho Chi Minh City, sell old plastic pallets in Hanoi or sell old plastic pallets in Can Tho, places to sell old plastic pallets in Hai Phong by many forms online or social networks.

At Cheap Old Plastic Pallets with a large warehouse system, the number of old plastic pallets is more than 15000 plastic pallets, a large plastic pallet distribution partner system. We are confident to bring you the best plastic pallet products, as well as optimize the cost for the most effective business.

Are you in need to buy cheap plastic pallets, old plastic pallets or cheap old plastic pallets?

Are you struggling to find cheap old plastic pallets in Ho Chi Minh? Places to buy old plastic pallets in HCMC, Hanoi old plastic pallets, Bac Ninh old plastic pallets, Da Nang old plastic pallets, Hai Phong old plastic pallets, Binh Duong old plastic pallets, Can Tho old plastic pallets, Tan district old plastic pallets Phu,…v…v….

All places to find places to buy old plastic pallets on are no longer too difficult, you just need to sit at home and search on the world's largest search network, currently Google or social networks Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest ... is that you can easily find a unit that specializes in providing and selling used plastic pallets. Or if you have not been able to find a unit that sells old plastic pallets as you like, you can leave a message or information, call directly to HCM Plastic Pallets for our support to find the fastest used plastic pallet, quote the cheapest used plastic pallet for you.

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Here you can come to refer to the new and old plastic pallet samples or buy in small quantities.

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This is a place specializing in gathering old and new cheap plastic pallets throughout the southern system. Here you can see and buy many different sizes of plastic pallets

How do customers in the province buy plastic pallets?

Radius from 50km or more: PalletNhuaHCM.vn has a system of linking cars, cheap transport garages in the Western provinces, the Central Highlands, the Central region, for quick delivery with the best price for you.

We specialize in manufacturing, buying and selling new plastic pallets, liquidating used plastic pallets at cheap prices nationwide such as Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Binh Duong, Dong Nai and with a system of agents. extensive in the provinces such as Binh Phuoc, Long An, Tien Giang, Can Tho, Ben Tre, Tra Vinh, Soc Trang, Tay Ninh, Ca Mau, Kien Giang, An Giang, Vinh Long, Hau Giang, Bac Ninh, Binh Thuan , Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, Quang Tri, Quang Ngai, Quang Nam, Hue, Bac Lieu, Ba Ria Vung Tau, Phu Quoc, ..

Buy plastic pallets in Ho Chi Minh City - Thu Duc City

For customers in Ho Chi Minh City, Thu Duc City or with a radius of 50km or less: PalletNhuaHCM.vn will process orders within the same day or as soon as customers need it urgently.

When buying plastic pallets in Ho Chi Minh, Thu Duc, we support fast same-day delivery to areas such as: District 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 , Binh Thanh, Binh Tan, Tan Binh, Tan Phu, Nha Be, Hoc Mon, Cu Chi, Binh Chanh, Can Gio, and especially to buy and sell plastic pallets in Thu Duc City quickly.

Plastic pallets specializing in import and export packing

  • There is a question that is always asked often: "My company wants to export goods, what kind of plastic pallet should you buy?". Practically speaking it is difficult to answer, because you need to know clearly what kind of plastic pallet the other party requires.
  • Here, I would like to talk about the sizes of 3 types of old plastic pallets that are commonly used in export packing, and the colors are as popular as I mentioned above, with industries related to the environment, mainly food. Use blue, virgin plastic or heavy duty plastic pallets with heavy items.

  • Old plastic pallet with size 1100x1100x120mm: withstand dynamic load 400-600kg, static load 1500kg. Weight 6-8kg depending on origin Korea, Japan.
  • Old plastic pallet size 1100x1100x150mm: withstand dynamic load 1000-1500kg, static load 2000kg. Weight 12-16kg depending on origin Korea, Japan.
  • Old plastic pallet size 1200x1000x150mm: withstand dynamic load 1000x1600kg, static load 2000-2500kg. Weight 12-15kg depending on origin Korea, Japan.
  • Those are the 3 types of plastic pallets that we often meet for export.

Plastic pallet production unit

  • Currently, plastic pallets, old plastic pallets are mainly imported from abroad and then bought and sold to people who have the main demand for use.
  • The second form of production of plastic pallets and second-hand plastic pallets is mainly in production and business establishments that buy and sell old plastic pallets, use fire to patch plastic pallets, old plastic pallets, or melt much recycled plastic. new plastic pallet production times.

  • The highest standard form is mainly from units such as Long Thanh Plastic, Duy Tan Plastic, Hiep Thanh Plastic, Saigon Plastic, An Phu Plastic, etc. have factories in Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Hanoi, and Binh Duong. specializes in manufacturing standard plastic pallets.
  • To buy quality used plastic pallets, you just need to find the right place to buy and sell plastic pallets, reputable old plastic pallets, you will have the product you like.

Where to buy old plastic pallets?

  • Right at the facilities, companies and units selling plastic pallets, selling old plastic pallets is also a place where people specialize in buying and selling old plastic pallets. You can easily contact to sell old plastic pallets without having to spend time searching. But note, in order to facilitate the collection of old plastic pallets, you should find the nearest old plastic pallet collection address because transporting far and near is a difficult problem to solve.

  • At HCM Plastic Pallet, we also specialize in buying old plastic pallets at high prices, handling quickly, supporting customers to sell old plastic pallets, liquidating plastic pallets more easily and with more peace of mind.
  • At HCM Plastic Pallet, we always put the customer first, ready to advise and support customers to buy or buy old plastic pallets with the cheapest price, the best quality of old plastic pallets.

When buy plastic pallets If we don't use the right type, we will lose a lot of money or buy poor quality plastic pallets, which will lead to broken goods, causing goods to be broken when transporting them, using not suitable for vehicles. elevate……

Therefore, when buying plastic pallets, we need to pay attention and consider the financial to choose the type Plastic pallet Good quality suitable for your needs.

What should I pay attention to when buying used plastic pallets?

Dimensions of plastic pallet

We need to be able to determine buy plastic pallets What field is used for, what size is needed so that we can calculate the size range of plastic pallets needed to use. Avoid the situation that we buy the wrong type, wrong size and can't use it, affecting our finances.

Material and texture of plastic pallet

When buy plastic pallets we need to pay attention to the texture and material of that plastic pallet. A good plastic pallet will be made of virgin plastic material, with high tensile strength, good load capacity, and long service life. Especially with the structure of double-sided plastic pallets, it will usually bear the load and bear the load better than the single-sided plastic pallet.

Plastic pallet supplier

On the market today, there are many units that provide plastic pallets, but we should choose a unit that specializes in importing directly from abroad in large quantities to have the best price compared to the market. This helps us to optimize costs.

So where to buy the best quality and prestigious plastic pallets?

Currently, HCM Plastic Pallet is one of the largest units specializing in manufacturing, importing and distributing new plastic pallets and buying, selling, exchanging and renting used plastic pallets in the region in particular and the South region in general. Therefore, when coming to HCM Plastic Pallet, customers will choose the best plastic pallet product that best suits their needs.

Payment method when buying

  • There are 2 forms of transaction when buying goods: cash payment upon receipt of goods or via bank transfer upon receipt of goods. For detailed instructions on payment information, you can contact PalletNhuaHCM.vn directly via hotline 0789288277 (24/24) or email: PalletNhuaHcm2020@gmail.com.

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