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Welcome to HCM Plastic Pallet Co., Ltd.

We would like to introduce to you new cheap plastic pallet products that are manufactured under the strictest quality control with the cheapest and most competitive prices at the factory.

Besides, we also buy and sell old and used plastic pallets, liquidate them with the best price of old plastic pallets for import and export needs, inventory, ....

New plastic pallet price?

  • Price of plastic pallets manufactured at the factory, factory, supports many accompanying services when buying pallets such as: shipping bags, invoices, meeting each other's needs for urgent packing, etc., etc. Best support!


New plastic pallet prices are constantly updated with the cheapest plastic pallet prices at the factory with various sizes of plastic pallets serving many businesses with the needs of exporting goods, storing cold storage goods, goods with heavy loads (rice millet, coffee, cocoa powder, fruit, ...) or light industrial enterprises using light plastic pallets (such as medical industry, confectionery, paper, spare parts, food materials, etc.) Products,…).

How is the quality of plastic pallets?

New plastic pallets are manufactured and tested with strict processes, meeting the needs of using harsh plastic pallets in many environments, cold storage, dry storage, outdoor storage, cold storage, refrigerated trucks, etc. …v….

Meeting many difficult needs in the garment, medical, goods distribution, food storage, different food industries, ....

Plastic pallets are produced in large quantities, delivered in the fastest and earliest time to our beloved customers

New Plastic Pallets Produce Best Price In Bulk Fastest.

New Plastic Pallets Professional Automation Production

Fast delivery of the fastest plastic pallets

With a vertically linked transport system from North - South, we always deliver the fastest, most on-time delivery, the best shipping fee when delivering plastic pallets, the fastest within 72 hours of order confirmation and working for customers in the province, customers under 100km receive goods within 24 hours of order confirmation.

Especially, we operate 24/24 to support delivery of plastic pallets to some neighboring countries like Cambodia in the fastest way.

PalletNhuaHCM Basic classification of plastic pallets so that customers and companies who use them for the first time as well as have used plastic pallets many times can choose the most suitable plastic pallets for themselves.

Flooring Plastic Pallets

Type 1 Plastic Pallet Flooring is a type of plastic pallet mainly used to line the floor, insulate moisture, heat, keep goods clean off the ground, used in cold storages to store food, medical drugs, and truck containers. goods,….is the main. Flooring plastic pallets have a simple, compact design that does not take up much space.

Cup Legs Plastic Pallets

Type 2 Plastic Pallets Chan Coc is a type of plastic pallet designed to be used neatly, specializing in light goods, meeting the needs of using hand pallet trucks, flexible lifting machines, mainly used for packing import and export goods, warehouses. small goods, or temporary orders.

Solid Plastic Pallets

Type 3 Solid Plastic Pallets is a type of plastic pallet used for medium-heavy loads, with a cross-shaped tripod design that connects together to help with the best load capacity. Mainly used in cargo storage to move large loads smoothly, to the shelves, to the container faster.

3 Legs Plastic Pallets

Type 4 3-Legged Plastic Pallet is a medium-sized heavy-duty plastic pallet designed with 3 legs to meet the needs of a hand pallet truck, or a semi-automatic forklift used in the best way. Mainly used in storage, moving warehouse goods, fast container closing and exporting heavy goods.

Flat Plastic Pallets

Type 5 Flat Plastic Pallets are plastic pallets with a flat surface used to move goods in the best and quietest way, this is also a type of plastic pallet with very good heavy load capacity.

Double Sided Plastic Pallets

Type 6 Double-sided Plastic Pallets is a specialized plastic pallet that meets the heaviest load needs, with two surfaces designed to be attached together, usually 2-sided plastic pallets weigh quite a bit from 20-30kg. Static load capacity 5000-6000kg, is a type of plastic pallet that can only be used by motorized forklift trucks.

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